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We, the people of Albania, proud and aware of our history, with
responsibility for the future, trust in the Lord and / or other universal values, with the determination to build a state of democratic, democratic and social rights to guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms with the spirit of tolerance and religious commitment, commitment to the protection of dignity and human personality, and for the prosperity of the whole nation, for peace, wellbeing, culture and social solidarity, with the centuries-old aspiration of the Albanian people for national identity and unity, with the deep conviction that justice, peace, harmony and cooperation between nations are among the highest values ​​of mankind


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Our office is guided by the principle of customer loyalty, dedication to professionalism and seriousness


Protecting your rights and interests is easier when you are consulted and assisted by a professional lawyer with extensive experience


Our study offers a wide cooperation in Italy and consultancy and cooperation with the best magistrates and Italian state pedagogues

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Dalan Mustafaraj

Dalan Mustafaraj

Lawyer, Expert, Criminologist
Removal of Espionage of all kinds in the Schengen area. ‘Free movement in the EU.

‘Refreshment of residence permit (residence and residence permit).

‘Immigration Rights! .

‘ Family reunion. Wife. Children. Parents

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